Teaching to Save Lives

Upcoming Classes  (BLS-CPR or CPR-AED: $30.00)

(Bundle classes for CPR / First Aid / OSHA: $30.00 for one class / $45.00 for two classes & $55.00 for three classes-does not include PALS or ACLS)

Below is a list of the class offerings with dates, times and area locations.  Please contact us at 954-721-1992 for the exact address of the class you are interested in attending.  CPR-AED, BLS-CPR, First Aid, ACLS & PALS are all taught following the most current American Heart Association Guidelines. You will be issued an American Heart Association Card). Certification is valid for a two year period.

(This page is updated daily, please check back for additional classes). 

Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Notice:  ASHI credentials will be issued for First Aid & OSHA-HIV-Infection Control to satisfy current APD requirements.  An American Heart Association Credential will be issued for CPR.  This reflects current I-Budget Florida-APD guidelines.                        

August 2017

CPR   8/2/17  (Wednesday)                   4:00 PM         Sunrise           (Class is full for CPR on 8/2/17)

CPR   8/10/17  (Thursday)                     6:00 PM         Sunrise         (class is full for CPR on 8/10/17)

CPR   8/17/17  (Thursday)                     5:00 PM         Sunrise

ACLS  8/23/17  (Wednesday)                 9:30 AM         No. Lauderdale

CPR   8/26/17  (Saturday)                     9:30 AM         Wilton Manors

First Aid  8/29/17  (Tuesday)                 3:00 PM          Sunrise

CPR    8/29/17  (Tuesday)                     4:30 PM          Sunrise

OSHA  8/29/17  (Tuesday)                     6:00 PM          Sunrise         HIV/Infection Control

September 2017

CPR   9/6/17  (Wednesday)                    6:00 PM         Sunrise

CPR   9/16/17  (Saturday)                      9:30 AM        Wilton Manors

CPR   9/21/17  (Thursday)                     6:00 PM         Sunrise

First Aid  9/27/17  (Wednesday)             3:00 PM         Sunrise

CPR   9/27/17   (Wednesday)                 4:30 PM         Sunrise

OSHA  9/27/17  (Wednesday)                 6:00 PM         Sunrise         HIV/Infection Control