Teaching to Save Lives

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

1.  Chest pain - can be an uncomfortable pressure, tightness or feeling of indigestion, heavy squeezing pain like a weight on the chest, can radiate to the left arm and neck.

2.  Nausea / vomiting.

3.  Shortness of breath.

4.  Pale, sweaty cold skin.

5.  May have no signs or symptoms (silent Myocardial Infarction).

Actions for survival

1.  Recognize signals.

2.  Stop activity, rest, lay down.

3.  If pain lasts more than two minutes, call for help.

4.  Patient's having early signs often deny having a heart attack.

5.  Be prepared to do CPR, if alone do CPR for two minutes, then call 9-1-1.

Four reasons to stop CPR

1.  The patient is revived.

2.  You are relieved by another trained individual.

3.  You become exhausted and cannot continue.

4.  It becomes too dangerous for you to continue.


1.  Avoid smoking.

2.  Health diet (fiber, fruits, vegetables, avoid junk foods).

3.  Less TV, more exercise.

4.  Know and control blood pressure and cholesterol level.